so we’re thinking about making sarcasticindiefucks into a blog strictly about this dog

is this an okay idea you guys

is it


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  4. mythicalredfox answered: That is a Ha Bisky idea.
  5. goodchillhunting answered: I’m in. More dog.
  6. recklessrecluse answered: Oh hnnnggggg yeah mmmm gotta love that good.
  7. whiteowl answered: l0l
  8. thediggorycomplex answered: I love how most people are like heck yes and then there’s this one “no”
  9. nikoriana answered: Yes.
  10. peoplediewhentheyrekilled answered: it looks kind of like michael cera
  11. yrfthtigrrr answered: god i hope so
  12. spontanal answered: Forever yes.
  13. keroroppie answered: anything on this blog is ok with me
  14. kickinkristin answered: no
  15. bbsatan answered: best idea
  16. radarjam answered: YES
  17. mitchisforlovers answered: DO IT
  18. nobleprivilege answered: Do it. That dog looks like a marshmallow.
  19. disaffectedyouths answered: sarcastic indie pups?
  20. bepstein111 answered: good. do it.
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  22. jourdanand answered: yes
  23. pengwin answered: i am perfectly okay with this