hey everyone look at this thing i made last night

these are a bunch of candid fragmented clips from my life i found and edited all together. the song in the background is black hawk waltz by chris garneau. the words are something i wrote in april after looking through a lot of craigslist missed connectic ons.

they’re mostly strangers.

i think this is the saddest thing i’ve ever made

self promoting whateva

i made this video almost a year ago and it would be cool if you could watch it, yeah!


google maps writing challenge


  1. recall a specific memory of an event in your life (big or small) (or maybe even just a feeling)
  2. write about your memory. write about it in any way you wish. poem format, scattered flowing thoughts, story telling, lots and lots of words, just a few sentences, a list, anything at all
  3. where did this memory take place? find the exact location on google street view (or as close to it as you can get), and then….
  4. attach a screen shot of the location (as a photo on our submit page) you can cross off street names and such if you’d like to remain somewhat anonymous. put your writing in the caption area.

we want to see where your memories took place! not in a creepy way but in a curious way. it’d be great if you could participate.

all of them can be found here: http://theoceanofconsciousness.tumblr.com/tagged/map


submit your writing/street view screen shot by clicking the link below and we will post them all (anonymously) as soon as we can.


reposting this again so daytime people can see it